Your Own Smile, Beautifully White in LaGrange

In a recent dental products journal article, KöR Deep Bleaching was rated as the most effective and reliable method of tooth whitening.

KöR involves in-office treatments as well as bleaching at home. It can remove even dark tetracycline stains from your teeth with little or no after-treatment pain or sensitivity. It is entirely safe for your teeth and gums and can give you a stunning, natural-looking white smile that can last a lifetime.

Do you wish you could get professional, in-office whitening treatment at home? You can! Dr. Pitts can give you Sapphire prescription-level whitening trays to use at your convenience at home. While there are many take-home whitening systems, they often must be worn for hours a day, even overnight. With Sapphire, you only need to wear the trays for 3 minutes a day for two weeks!